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Welcome to the Xena: Warrior Princess
Virtual Season News, Update & FAQ Page

News/Update 4/15/03

The xwpvs would like to thank the following translators for the dedication and hard work:

Thank you and BATTLE ON!

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The xwpvs site has officially moved to: xwpvs minus the midi, music theme, just to be on the safe side.

The xwpvs Production Managers/xwpvs-xenastaff

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Episode 8.13: Persephone's Revenge: Part II

Designed by Blitzgal

Written by: Lilith
Illustrated by: Amber, Gina, Kathy Austin, Marycat, and Trish



Hiatus Schedule

Reruns are Scheduled
to begin
May 12th


Air Dates and/or episodes are subject to change


The xwpvs has a number of beta readers for the remainder of the season, but if you would like to contact us, please feel free to do so.

In the Subject box of your email, simply state that you would like to be a beta reader.

The VS xenastaff can be reached at: VS-Xenastaff

ATTN: AOL users: Please be sure you allow e-mail to be received from this e-mail addy.

BETA READERS: Please submit a short essay on why you would like to be a beta reader for the xwpvs.

For more information of responsibilities, see our FAQ below.


In keeping with the concept presented by the original PTB and the series itself, the VS-PTB wish to preserve the air, the quality and the style of the show. It is important for all who participate in the xwpvs to understand that the xwpvs-xenastaff will adhere to the original series as closely as possible. This includes and is not limited to, the wardrobe and hair-styles of the main characters.

When writing for the xwpvs, it is also important to note that the Xena: Warrior Princess Virtual Season does not fall into the 'maintext' category. The Virtual Series presented by the xwpvs-xenastaff will continue to strive to maintain the subtext quality in its virtual stories, and writers, beta readers and point-persons should keep these aims in mind when volunteering their services.

Writers and illustrators will be granted a certain amount of lee-way, however, if instructed to adhere to the Production Managers requests, we would appreciate everyone's cooperation.

Artists wishing to be considered as an illustrator for the XWPVS, should submit a sample (or two) of their work/abilities. Preferably Xena related. Black and white or color is acceptable, .jpg, jpeg, or .gif format, approximately 400 to 450 in width.
It is important for any and all illustrators and artists to understand that any and all artwork submitted to the xwpv as illustrations for any given script, are in fact, the property of the xwpvs. However, the artwork is copyrighted to the artist.

Writers should submit a tight outline of their story idea prior to submitting a draft of their script. The outline should contain five (5) paragraphs of approximately 3 to 4 sentences each, for each scene. One for the teaser and one for each of the acts. The outline should look something like this, with the description of the scene directly under the scene:

We open in a field. Xena and Gabrielle (etc)

Act I:
In 3 or four sentences explain what goes on in act I

Act II:
explain what goes on in act II


Should keep in mind at all times while writing a VIRTUAL reality script is that we do not have the luxury of a final 'filmed' product. Our end product is a manuscript interspersed with illustrations provided by the illustrators; therefore the writing has to invoke both the reader's imagination and inspire the illustrators of any given scene.

Keeping this in mind, it is important that the script includes character descriptions (clothing etc.) and provides enough detailed background description of any particular setting.

Manuscripts are to be submitted properly formatted. Please do not use tab keys to adjust the script contents. Please do not use any manuscript format programs. Please use the margins of your program for body text, dialogue, and scene description. Please use the Center Command in your menu to center character name and action. Please use Microsoft Word if at all possible.

Please use the insert Page Number option of your program to number the pages.

Please include the title of your script and your name or handle (whichever you prefer) on your script (one line, using the "eHader" option of your program).

Character's names should be capitalized. Action should be centered directly below character's name, in lower case letters and dialogue should be margined 1/2 inch in from outside margin.(do not use indent or tab).



     I have many skills.


Font face should be either Courier or Courier New

Point size should be: 12pt.

Teaser should be no more than five (5) pages in length. Each act should be of equal length. For instance, if act one is 10 pages, then subsequent acts should be ten pages.

Pages should be numbered using the "insert page number" in the program's menu.

Document should be saved as either: .txt, .rtf or .doc

Note: Scripts not conforming to these guidelines will be returned to writer for proper adjustments.


The artists and illustrators volunteering their time and talents will be incorporated into the Virtual Season's "Art Department" and will receive their assignments from the Art Director.

There will be three (3) categories:

  • Those who wish to produce illustrations for an entire episode (somewhere between 12 to 15 illustrations total, more if they have time or so desire)

  • Those who wish to produce only 3 or 4 illustrations per episode

  • Those who wish to produce animated graphics

  • NOTE: When volunteering to join the Virtual Season's "Art Department" please specify your preference from the three (3)categories. It is alright if you wish to specify all three (3).


    An email will be sent out to the entire art staff. Attached will be a schedule of proposed episodes and their air dates. Illustrators who are available respond to the mailing, informing the art director of their availability, which episode they would like to work on, and whether or not they would be willing to work with another artist on the team. If they would prefer to work on an episode alone, then it boils down to a first come, first serve basis, based on the time-stamp on the email. The illustrator will receive an entire script, approximately one month prior to air date even if the script is undergoing editing. They will be kept abreast of the potential changes, if it has a direct affect on the script, which could hamper illustrations.

    In most cases, the illustrator has free rein, unless otherwise directed by the Production Managers, as far asappearance of the main characters and their attire are concerned.

    Illustrators should also keep in mind that there is always the potential that a bard will be late in returning a script, and therefore their time may be limited in producing the artwork.


  • Team Endeavor:If a character is presented within the manuscript, the artist who originally draws that particular character, will continue to do so in order to keep the character's appearance the same.

  • Any illustrator who has opted to illustrate an entire episode and finds they require assistance is urged to contact the Art Director immediately so that arrangements can be made to provide them with an assistant.

  • All illustrators should keep in mind that there is always the possibility we may find ourselves rushed for one reason or another (which we hope is not often) and as we are all a part of the Virtual Season Team, not to be afraid to ask for assistance when needed.

  • If artists and illustrators would like a link to their email and/or site please advise the Art Director (it will be included as a hidden link to your handle).

  • Special Note: Any illustrator who cannot meet their commitment for a given episode should notify the Art Director at least 3 weeks in advance. Also, if a script arrives late, a team of illustrators will be chosen in order to provide the number of illustrations required. On late scripts, all illustrators are expected to meet the commitment.

    Artwork/illustrations/animated .gifs:

    Artwork/illustrations are in story board format and should depict the action and/or scene, utilizing the costume designs provided if any).

  • Animated .gifs will only be used where they work well.

  • All .jpg's and .gifs should contain the episode number and coded description. i.e.: 10-1.jpg (episode 7.10, Scene 1. If there are two illustrations, in the first scene, the second would be marked 10-1a - the "1" representing the scene and 'a' representing the second picture of the specific scene).

  • You can also include this information in a cover letter/email for the art director's information on where the image should be placed.

  • Illustrations can be simple black and white sketches and/or finished works, complete with appropriate shading, etc.

  • Color is also welcome, but only if the illustrator has the time (in other words, it's not mandatory and at their own discretion).

  • The size should be in the range of 590x420 pixels or a tad smaller.

  • The Teaser should have approximately one (1) or two (2) illustrations, and Acts 1 thru 4 should have between two and four illustrations each, depending on the personal preference and time the illustrator has.

  • ALL illustrations are to be saved in either jpg or gif format. Preferably jpg/jpeg format.

    Those interested in illustrating episodes of the VS may contact MacavityCat at: Macavity

    ATTN: AOL users: Please be sure you allow e-mail to be received from this e-mail addy.

  • Beta Readers:

    Are the Virtual Season's Editors and will be receiving notification that a manuscript is ready to be beta read and prepared for airing. They will be asked if they are available to work with the script. If they are available, they will be assigned their script, based on their submitted profile, by the Production Manager in charge of Beta Readers.

    At this time, the XWPVS has adequate coverage for beta reading of episodes.

    The Beta Reader's identity will be anonymous to the bard. The Beta Reader will have approximately one week to review an episode and will be given the return date by the Beta Reader Production Manager. A schedule of Air Dates and Deadlines will also be provided.

    If you have any questions, the Beta Reader Coordinator/Production Manager can be reached at: Talice

    ATTN: AOL users: Please be sure you allow e-mail to be received from this e-mail addy.


  • Check spelling, punctuation, grammar, tense usage.

  • Insure an even flow.

  • Insure there is continuity, adherence to characterization, etc.

  • Insure there are no YAXI's (for example, if in the scene above a character is knocked unconscious, in the next line he/she isn't punching someone).

  • Upon finding any, make comments/suggestions and email the Production Manager with your findings, who in turn will contact the bard for revision. /font>

    Please note the:

  • Scene number

  • Page number and

  • Text

  • Special Note: If past episodes are mentioned (either the televised series or the VS) insure they are accurate.

    Point Person:

    The Point Person will be a VS-xenastaff member. This is due primarily because the VS-xenastaff is aware of the direction of the season and what is required to fulfill that direction.

    They will work closely with the bard, offering them constructive criticism, point out possible flaws (such as, the characters not being in sync with season 6 or the Virtual Season 7) and/or YAXI's, suggest possible means by which the flaws can be corrected, address the YAXI, and direct the bard in the direction that will assist in leading the VS to its ultimate conclusion. If for any reason they have any doubts, they are to contact the Production Managers and the rest of the VS-xenastaff for research assistance.

    They are not responsible for re-writing any of the bard's original works; although they can offer suggestions by re-writing what they feel is wrong and offering it to the bard as an alternative. Their primary task is to assist the bard in tightening up the manuscript and prepare it for the beta readers.

    The point person will be given a deadline and will inform the bard of that deadline. Their responsibility is to ensure that the bard meets that deadline. If they are experiencing difficulty with the bard, they will inform the production managers so they are aware that there is a possibility that an emergency episode will need to be pulled.

    They will review the first revision. If it appears ready for submission to the beta reader, they will forward it to the assistant production manager in charge of the beta readers.

    If for any reason a point person is unable to perform their assigned task and/or responsibilities, they are to contact the Production managers and inform them as soon as possible, so that other arrangements can be made.

    They are not to delegate their responsibilities to another without the authorization of the Production Managers.

    They are NOT to discuss the episode with anyone outside of the VS


  • The point person will review the manuscript and work closely with the bard in tightening up their work.

  • Make comments and/or suggestions on how to further tighten it up

  • Question things that appear to be flaws, or discrepancies

  • Suggest rephrasing if a paragraph or speech manner reads awkwardly

  • Notify the Art Director that you are forwarding the manuscript to them for art preparation. However, please advise the art director of any scene that will undergo drastic changes. This will prevent the art director from assigning that specific scene for illustration

  • When satisfied the script is ready, submit the finished work to the Production Manager and Art Director


    Our procedures are as follows:

    Based on a generalized outline provided by the VS-xenastaff on what is planned for the season, writers will submit an outline of their story idea to the VS-xenastaff. They are not to discuss or disclose any information to anyone outside of the xwvps-xenastaff. Anyone found to have disclosed any information to outside sources will be no longer be permitted to participate.

    The outline should consist of five (5) paragraphs. One paragraph for each of the following: Teaser, Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, and Act 4.

    The outline should be tight, providing enough information for the VS-xenastaff to make a valid determination as to whether the story will be accepted or denied.

    If the story idea is accepted, the writer then has two weeks in which to provide the VS-xenastaff with a rough draft of the script.

    The entire VS-xenastaff will review the script. A compilation of comments and suggestions will be gathered; the script will be marked accordingly, and then given to the writer's "point-person".

    Description: Point Person: A point person is someone who will work closely with the bard, directing them and guiding them according to the season's goal. They will offer suggestions on what works and what doesn't work, etc.

    The point-person will then contact the bard, introducing themselves and advising them of the VS-xenastaff's suggestions. From that point on, the bard and their point person will work closely in bringing the script to completion.

    Once the script is completed, the script will then be forwarded to the Production Manager in charge of beta-readers. The script will then be forwarded to the beta-reader who volunteered for that particular script. They will proof-read the manuscript for typographical errors, misspelling, possible YAXI's, continuity, flow, readability, grammar, etc.

    The beta reader will mark the script accordingly and return the script to the Production Manager. They have one week in which to complete this task.

    The Production Manager will then send the script to the writer for revisions, and to the art department.

    The Production Manager in charge of the art department will then relay the script to the assigned illustrators for preparation of artwork.

    The writer then has eight (8) days in which to complete the revisions and return the script to the Production Manager, who will review the changes to ensure they have been addressed.